It’s all about speed and reliability at Straight Arrow Hosting!

There are literally hundreds of new websites being built every hour of the day and most of them are being hosted by giant mega-hosts with initials like GD and BH. They sell their hosting cheap, but the server they use to host your site is usually shared with hundreds of other sites. To make matters worse, if there is a spammer sharing your server your own site could be blacklisted by association.

Let us ask you a simple question……

Do you want your online business to succeed?

If so then you have to understand that online businesses live or die based on the speed, reliability, and uptime of their website.

Hundreds of thousands of websites are created each month and only a handful make any profit at all!

The only way that you can succeed online is by providing a fast and efficient service to your visitors. If your server take a long time to load a page your visitors will go elsewhere.  If you want fast page loads then you need a webhost that focuses on speed and reliability for their customers.

We are a privately owned webhost that got started due to the frustration of using current hosting services!

At Straight Arrow Hosting we promise that even with our most basic plans you will still get top quality services.

Starter plans with unlimited bandwidth and cPanel controls starting at $2.99 a month!

It’s time to stop using services that cram you onto a server like fish in a barrell.  Break free from slow, unresponsive hosting providers and give Straight Arrow Hosting a try.



per month
12 Email Accounts
512MB Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Domain Name
cPanel Control Panel
2 MySQL Databases
$2.99 / Month


per month
100 Email Accounts
2048MB Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Domain Names
cPanel Control Panel
5 MySQL Databases
$9.99 / Month


per month
200 Email Accounts
5,120MB Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Domain Names
cPanel Control Panel
10 MySQL Databases
$14.99 / Month


per month
Unlimited Email Accounts
10,240MB Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Domain Names
cPanel Control Panel
Unlimited MySQL Databases
$29.98 / Month

Get started today and bring your online business to the next level!

Check out our customizable hosting plans here or contact us directly for a quote. 

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