Frequently Asked Questions About Straight Arrow Hosting

What makes your hosting services different from companies like [insert name of mega host here]?

Straight Arrow Web Services is a small, privately owned hosting company specializing in hosting Wordpress and Joomla based websites.  The biggest difference you will see between SAH and the big, mega hosts is that we do not oversell our server space.  With the big hosts it is common to find hundreds of accounts on a single server, all of them sharing the same processing power and bandwidth.  Not with Straight Arrow.  We are committed to keeping the server response times as low as possible so that your sites serve up faster and more reliably. 

How Do You Set Your Prices?

Since we use high speed SSD based hard drives in our servers we have to charge a little bit more per gigabyte for our hosting plans.  We don't do unlimited storage plans because the entire concept of the service is based on speed.  Having a set storage limit forces customers to be a little more concious of what data they are storing on the server and pushing out to their visitors.  In the end most customers agree that the speed benefits far outweigh the slight increase in costs.

Who is Straight Arrow Hosting?

Straight Arrow Hosting is a privately owned webhost that started out of frustration over the slow speeds and shoddy customer service provided by the big name companies.  While hosted on one of them the owner of SAH noticed that sometimes his sites ran fast while other days they were slow to the point of being unusable.  Out of this frustration came SAH, with the goal to provide fast server speeds and resonable prices.

Why use the name Straight Arrow Hosting?

A straight arrow is a common euphamism for someone who is honest, trustworthy, and proud to serve, so to make a long story short, the owner is a middle aged Eagle Scout that occasionally gets a bit too sentimental about the good old days... 

What are your Terms of Service?

Our Terms of Service are available here.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, purchase a yearly plan and you can receive up to 15% off of the total cost of the plan.  

Does Straight Arrow Hosting have an affiliate program?

Yes, if you bring in additional hosting subscribers as a direct result of your promotion of our services your own account will receive store credit that can be used to pay for SSL certificates, hosting, and other services.  

What if I cancel early?

If you decide that Straight Arrow is not the best webhost for your sites you can cancel at any time and you will be refunded a prorated amount based on the time remaining in your contract minus any expenses or maintenance agreements (rare).


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