How do I transfer a domain name to my StraightArrowHosting account?

1)  Go to your current registrar and unlock the domain.

2)  While logged in to your current registrar obtain the domain’s unique EPP code.  Most registrars will email the code to the official email address they have on file for your account.  Once you have the code proceed to the next step.

3)  Go to and log in.

4)  After you log in go to:

and enter the names of the domains to be transferred into the box:

5)  On the page that follows you will be asked for the EPP code.

6)  Complete your transaction and submit payment through PayPal or select mail in payment if you want to send a check.  Please note that transfer requests expire after a few days.  You must send the check as quickly as possible (Paypal is preferred).  All mail in payments should be sent to:

Straight Arrow Web Services

616 22nd Ave SW

Altoona, IA 50009

7)  Once the transfer has been initiated you will receive several emails both from Straight Arrow, from your old registrar, and also from ResellerClub.  One of these emails will contain a validation link that you must follow in order to officially approve the transfer.  Check your email (including your spam folder just in case) for this confirmation email.  The transfer will fail if you do not approve the transfer from that email.

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